What you should know about maintaining synthetic urine

maintaining synthetic urine

Testing positive for drugs or substances is probably the worst thing that can happen to you. Several consequences will come from failing a drug test. For example, you may lose your dream job, serve a prison sentence, or even get fired. Companies tend to have random drug testing to ensure that their employees are coming to work free of substance use. As such, not everyone will have time to detox. That is where synthetic urine comes in to help such people. If used the right way, synthetic urine will help you work around any drug test. Keep in mind that a fresh sample is the best to use. As such, you have to purchase your synthetic urine and use it on the same day. Most companies will offer next day delivery, which is also good. However, you may have a different experience where you must store your synthetic pee. For instance, your company may cancel the test, or you want to keep it in stock in case of an emergency. Either way, you have to maintain your synthetic urine safely and in a secure location so that it does not get tampered with.

Like most products, synthetic pee has a limited shelf life. Although the shelf life depends on the manufacturer and storage conditions, synthetic urine will last anywhere between a few months to three years. Nevertheless, here is what you should know about maintaining synthetic urine.

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  • Storage.

Make sure your store your synthetic pee in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will alter the pH and fasten its expiry date. Keeping your synthetic urine in a fridge is a sure way to keep it in perfect condition. You can also choose to go for reliable brands such as Quick Fix. Such companies make quality products that have a long shelf life and rarely affected by extreme temperatures.

  • Unnecessary Opening.

Once you expose your synthetic urine to oxygen, it begins to deteriorate. As such, experts recommend that you break the seal only when you want to use your product. In case you open it before the test day, ensure that you store it in an airtight container.

  • Reheat and Re-cool.

Extreme hot or cold temperatures affect some brands. Additionally, rapid recycling between hot and cold temperatures will alter your sample. Ensure that you always keep it at a stable temperature to prevent it from going bad. You can also run a validity test before using it to ensure that the sample is good.

  • Heating.

When submitting your sample, it must exhibit a specific temperature so that the lab technician can accept it as genuine. After several hours in the refrigerator, you have to ensure that your sample is of the right temperature. There are several ways to heat your synthetic urine. However, using urine warmers is the best way. Warmers are low tech, easy to use, and you will rarely overheat the sample.

Synthetic urine is crucial for people who need a way to cheat drug tests. After all, nobody deserves to lose their employment because of a night out over the weekend. With the best synthetic urine and proper maintenance, you can work around any drug test.

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