Have you ever seen objects or arts which are finely cut in shape and has engraving on them? Well all this is done with the help of Laser and the process is known as Laser Marking.

But do you want to know in details about laser marking?

Don’t worry, we are here to guide you about everything you need to know about it.

What is Laser Marking?

What is laser marking and engraving

The process of labeling and cutting objects in a particular shape and size using a beam of laser is known as Laser Marking.

How does it works?

Well, a laser beam of high intensity is dropped on the material and with the help of laser marking machine the optical appearance of the object is changed / modified when the beam hits the surface of the object.

The process can be done in many ways and few of them are:

  1. Cutting the material in fine pieces with the help of laser which is known as laser engraving (called as incisione laser in Italian language.)
  2. Carbonization of materials like paper, wood or related polymers.
  3. Expanding the size and shape of all related polymers.

Popular Advantages of Laser Marking in Industries:

Laser marking is mainly used to process things like labels with bar codes, QR codes, etc. Many industries even use this technique to add copyright mark or their trademark on many items.

Many metal and plastic industries use laser marking to place date and other information for the users on their products.

Details like expiry dates, manufacturing date, quality and other information are marked using this technique only in around 90% of metal and plastic product industries.

Do you know that many colleges, big MNCs and schools use this method for the creation of Identity Cards or say ID cards which has all the details of the student/employee. This is done to prevent false person entering in the premises.

Car industries also use laser marking to produce amazing cuts and arts on the car. Also, using it for making popular signs and number plates.

Industries like Medicine manufacturing, Electric Item Manufacturing, Semiconductor Devices manufacturing uses laser marking a lot.

A laser marking can be done using many materials and polymers but the final result will obviously differ from material to material.

Both 10.6 micron and 9.3 micron CO2 lasers are utilized for stamping non-metal materials with profundity, just as for surface checking of certain metals. Fiber lasers with a 1.06 micron wavelength are utilized for surface checking of numerous materials and surface or shallow profundity stamping of metal. Laser profundity stamping is once in a while alluded to as laser etching.

Get familiar with why laser innovation is a perfect instrument for gathering tight resilience details when utilized as a laser shaper and how laser innovation empowers particular plan qualities when utilized as a laser engraver or laser marker.

How Can Fiber Lasers be used to Mark Jewellery?

There are many enterprises which make good profit in their field by the utilization of fiber laser marking. One such industry is the industry of Jewellery business. The fiber laser marking procedure is particularly very profitable in Jewellery designing and cutting as even the shading and checking can be connected to certain metals.

What is Laser Marking? List of Advantages of Laser Marking
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What is Laser Marking? List of Advantages of Laser Marking
Do you know what is Laser marking and why it is used in many industries? Here is the list of all the advantages of laser marking.
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