If you are disputed thought pickup own open source home theater software, after a lot of vulnerability testing your viewpoint does not allow you to go for it due to unsatisfied experience,

If yes?

You have phenomenal opportunity to grab respect of home theater software list below.


  1. Highly
  2. Integrated with the best web services.
  3. Its web interface highly flexible and scalable.
  4. UI with support for mobile, windows, and mac sync and cloud sync.
  5. Easy to set up.
  6. Support automatic directory
  7. Flexible media format transcoding vis plugins/ scripts and more.

Flexible media format

Today in a limited time period everyone is committed to accomplishing own accountability due to loving the hard competition.

Thought to participate in hard competition it demands a lot of enthusiasm and center of attraction to achieve your set goal successfully.

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To accept the desired output, it includes a variety of high-level matrix to build proper concentration such as entertainment, which having the self boundaryless importance among others.

Moreover, entertainment has the various range as per your loving like which helps to deliver your best


every word of mouth known that each coin has two sides. So keeping both in proper balance becomes significant to achieve thinkable success.

Taking care to improve your best performance here I have suggested you some of the ultimate home theater software which is keeping a higher place to entertaining the world.

These entertaining software are open source and well configured with special features such as accountability to deliver the best audio and video quality, including the latest notification update, easy downloading and installing process, and including others.

Moreover, below-listed house entertainment software has passed penetration testing, which comes in the ends of review and ratings.

Let’s check open source entertainment software list.

  • Kodi open source home theater software

Kodi open source home theater software

Kodi formerly was known as XBMC and is open source media player software designed by XBMC foundation, which is a nonprofit constructer.

Kodi supports on various platforms such as Android, Windows, Mac, and more.

Interested to learn Kodi download for PC.

Kodi allows users to play most of the streaming entertainment, such as videos, music, podcasts, and videos accessible from the internet moreover all common digital media files from the local and storage media.

Kodi is a highly customizable multi-platform home theater. It is designed by a variety of skins appearance and with an optional range of plugin, which makes Kodi best.

Moreover, it includes all international languages with 12 local translation.

Kodi Features

  1. It is user-friendly.
  2. Wide variety range running on.
  3. Does support multiple plugin/ Add-ons.
  4. Library supports for importing
  5. Browse view, sort, filter or even start a slideshow.
  6. Highly configured with multiple user-interface skins.
  7. Allows you to live record tv and watch.
  8. Remote control and supports televisions.
  • Plex open source entertainment theater software

Plex open source entertainment theater software

Plex called a client-server media player system and software and it runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux including some types of NAS devices.

The server desktop application organizes audio, video, and photos from the user’s collections and also from the internet.

Also, Plex is open source media software does support on the various platform such as Windows, OS X, Linux, NVIDIA SHIELD, Netgear Nighthawk X10 router, and many popular NAS devices.

It supports all international languages including local with the subtitle functionality is available.

Plex developed after Kodi and it seems a copy of Kodi.

Plex  Features

  1. Easily pick and choose what to share.
  2. Encrypted connections with multiple user accounts.
  3. Offers offline access to your media files.
  4. Media Optimizer and much more.
  5. Automatic photo tagging and flinging of the device.
  6. Parental control functionality.
  • Subsonic free home theater software

Subsonic free home theater software

The subsonic server is easy to use personal media streamer, secure, and reliable. And it is well supported on Linux, Windows, MacOS and Synology NAS.

It designed in such a way that supports all media formats.

Similarly like others, it is also available in various international and local languages with subtitle.

At the single time, multiple users and number of the players run.

Moreover, it is highly customized and user-friendly and easy access with a variety of attractive skin.

Subsonic Features

  1. The highly configurable user interface(UI).
  2. Supports secure connections like (HTTPS/SSL).
  3. 28 languages and comes in more than 30 different themes.
  4. Faster web services integrated
  5. Amazing chat features.
  6. Integrated with podcast receiver.
  • Madsonic open source theater software

Madsonic open source theater software

Madsonic developed on Java, which is more flexible and secure like subsonic.  It is designed for Linux, MacOS, Windows, and to others.

Similarly, like others above it is also support various international and local languages with the subtitle.

Madsonic supports all plugin which Subsonic does.

So going thought Madsonic is the best if you have tested Subsonic because of all the functions almost the same.

Also, Madsonic is the higher version of subsonic with extra features.

Madsonic features

  • Authentication in LDAP and Active Directory.
  • Built-in supports for your Dreambox
  • Chromecast support index functionalities.
  • International and local languages
  • The video title is available.
  • Media streaming with high quality.

Wrap Up open source home theater software

Above shared open source home theater software name I have picked up from various trusted sources thought print media and digital media.

This listed entertainment software has passed own penetration testing with the high ranking and review.

All the above software are well programmed and designed ready to accept any updates from own home authority, which helps to improve performance.

Make sure while rolling up and bottom if you do not understand any point, so go to last after the end of the blog post and connect with the comment sections to get proper revert of the query.

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