9 Mobile App UI Design Tips & Trends to Follow in 2020

Mobile UI Design Tips

The design of UI is of paramount importance in the overall success of a mobile app. It’s a great way to engage the customer and increase their attention spans when they interact with your app. But just like no men are alike, the same is with apps. Some apps do way better than the others, and on closer scrutiny, it is obvious, that the successful apps are integrating the lastest trends faster and better than the others. We are in the final quarter of 2019 and people are already talking about the trend and tips which are expected to be relevant next year. Hence, this piece has been put together to shed more light on the top 9 Mobile App UI Design Tips and Trends to Follow in 2020 for mobile app developers and UI designers for better results.

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  1. KISS – A very popular acronym for – Keep It Simple Silly, it is turning out to be the overwhelming trend to follow in UI design, regardless of the year. Simplicity at the core of the operations is always appreciated by the users and the same can be expected to do so, well into the next year as well. Restricting the number of needless elements will only bring more visibility to the major elements of the app, which inevitably has higher chances of improving retention rates and reducing drop-out ratios.
  2. 3D Graphics – Currently one of the most popular trends on the horizon, it’s a necessity in UI which being acknowledged by all the major players in the industry and it can be expected to be one of the defining trends for the remainder of the year, as well as the next year. Most 3D UI designs are inspired by real-life things which helps tech companies in striking a successful emotional chord with the users. These graphics are pushing the real-world limitations and ushering in an age of sophisticated mobile and web interfaces, hitherto unseen.
  3. Animations – Considered to be one of the most effective ways to transfer information in today’s day and age, animations are increasingly becoming a more integral part of the arsenals of mobile app developers around the world. For the remainder of this year and for the year ahead, animations are going to be the subject of intense competition in the market. They are used to facilitate a far more interactive and enjoyable engagement between the users and the app. Animations such as fonts, icons, and buttons can be very effectively used to enhance user engagement with the app.
  4. Uniformity – Though this trend may not appear as flattering as the others, it’s a major tip for all mobile app development company for the next year as it has been learned from verifiable results that uniformity may reap rich dividends a little slowly, but it sure does. This entails maintaining regularity in the usage of similar fonts, colors, designs and icons, on all app screens and in the same order. This is more important than most people feel, as uniformity in the design is integral to making the users feel that they are indeed on the same platform and have not accidentally come on a different one. Keeping all designs uniform also goes a long way in increasing the trust of the users in the app and people are more likely to spend time on apps that seems more credible to them than the others.
  5. In-App Gesticulation – It is arguably one of the smartest ways available today which effortlessly improves the UI of a mobile app. It is expected to be one of the must-have UI design trends for the next year as the market and demand of the same is expected to grow exponentially. It’s the way forward for UI in general as people are more familiar with gestures today than they ever have been in the past. It’s integral to the success of a mobile app, as it has been observed that apps with better gestures tend to be more successful than the others. Simple gestures that can be easily picked upon by users can improve interactions by reducing steps in the flow.
  6. Typography – UI design isn’t close to being finished in today’s day and age without some eye-catching typography, which is visually and aesthetically pleasing enough to catch the user’s attention and retain it. A mix of classy fonts and captivating captions, typography is all about the integration of text content into images. Especially bold typography has become one of the most preferred kind for most designers. To integrate typography successfully in the mobile app design, due consideration is exercised when considering the hierarchy of the typography and the fonts. Typography, if and when done well, can facilitate crystal clear representation of text along with being visually pleasing and aesthetically gratifying.
  7. Gradients – The next year is all set to mark the comeback of color gradients in UI designs. Life is set to become a lot easier for mobile app developers as color gradients will make the execution of color experiments of mobile app layout very easy. Gradients add the much need vibrancy to the design and are likely to be very predominant in the next year. They entail the continuous transitioning of the colors of certain objections on screen.
  8. Popular Icons – The best tip is to include new trends and features but still do all that you can to make the design familiar to the users. This can be achieved by the use of popular icons, which the majority of the users may have used on several different platforms. Using such icons will improve the interactivity and engagement of the app because people are likely to spend far lesser time understanding the elements in familiar territory. It is one of the simplest ways to increase retention rates on your app along with higher ROI.

Final Words:

Mobile app UI designs have evolved and will continue to evolve. because of a lot of different variables that no single party can control. Hence, it always makes sense to be up to date with the hottest trends in the market and integrate them in your framework for better results.

9 Mobile App UI Design Tips & Trends to Follow in 2020
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9 Mobile App UI Design Tips & Trends to Follow in 2020
The design of UI is of paramount importance in the overall success of a mobile app. Here are 9 Mobile App UI Design Tips & Trends to Follow in 2020.
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