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Since its inception, internet has become one dispensable part of daily lives. Thereby, online presence has been mandatory for proving existence in the world of virtual reality.

Nowadays, web designers are in great demand as websites have become the parameter for your status. The more your website appears elegant, the more successful individual you are.

In this article, we are going to be familiar with few tools that will empower you to furnish your website to stand alight in the world of virtual reality.

Free tools to increase website performance

As the number of websites is increasing every day, internet users have become habituated to high-end user interfaces. In this scenario, acting in a different way will not be sufficient for you to rise above the crowd of websites. You need to put extra efforts that will allow turning your ecstatic ideas into reality- evidently, visitors will be reluctant to visit your website again and again. The following tools that are freely available on the web will help you to furnish your website that will meet and go beyond consumer satisfaction level.

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  • Google Analytics

Digital world is made of data and a person capable of analyzing and assess it has a competitive advantage over others where Google Analytics is likely to fit most of all tools.

Exquisite features of this tool empower you to understand your visitor demands and requirements while assessing your web performance better. It manifests you with data regarding

  1. Total traffic
  2. Number of visitors
  3. Average time spent by a visitor on your site
  4. Bounce rate
  5. Demography
  6. Geographic region of the visitor.
  7. Lead form

Business websites that are devoid of lead form are similar to an unsharpened pencil- no point. Whether you’re an interior designer, online retail store, an artist or a web development services, a lead form is very effective for your business as it enables the visitor to reach you whether to resolve a query or provide feedback.

Providing contact information is an excellent idea where adding a lead form would be more effective idea. A lead form empowers you to encourage the visitor to drop an inquiry rather than just asking for contact information that can effectively reduce the possibility of decreased responses.

  • Google Webmaster (search console)

Similar to Google Analytics, Google Webmaster is also an effective tool which also developed and maintained by Google cost free. It empowers a user with the ability to detect and mitigate for better optimization of the web site. You become able not only to diagnose the problems but also resolve them by taking appropriate actions.

  1. It identifies website related issues and provides solutions accordingly
  2. Report regarding external and internal links
  3. An impression of targeted keywords in search engine
  4. Informs you for any kind of malicious or spammy attacks
  5. Helps to fix the crawl errors through crawling and inspecting your contents on the web
  6. You’re manifested with valuable search statistics.
  7. Blogs

Blogs are an undeniable way of boosting online presence for any business where people consume blogs more than ever. Blogs are one of the most .effective ways that foster you with numerous benefits such as

  1. Spread company philosophy
  2. Share your expertise in the industry
  3. Get recognition of reliability and be trustworthy

Software like HubSpot and CoSchedule have developed their empire with blogging and delivering quality content since their foundation. With a blog, you can boost traffic, build authority and generate inbound links.

  • Captcha on forms

No matter how bothering it appears, Captcha on forms is one of the safest ways of protecting users from spammers. As it ensures the user is a human rather than bot that can potentially make your website get spammed.

In recent days, Google has developed an anti-spam tool known as reCAPCH that acts similar to Captcha. Presenting of the interface will be not that bothering for your visitors if it has been represented by simple visuals.

  • Newsletters

blogs are, no doubt, one of the most effective ways of communicating with your target audience but, newsletters are more potent in making active communication. In this rapid world, no matter how interesting topics choose to elaborate, visitors mostly seek shorter way of availing information.

Most fascinating benefit of having newsletters on your website is your ability to convey message to your target audience when they’re not visiting.

Sending newsletters at regular intervals helps you to maintain the company name among the top lists of search results.

  • Whatsapp business

The official blog of Whatsapp conveyed that the number for its daily users has surpassed beyond the milestone for 1 billion. This huge amount of user base lays opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses, Whatsapp Business is the resultant of quest from Whatsapp to utilize that opportunity.

A user becomes able to create a business profile that will allow them to connect with consumers more conveniently and for the majority of the time. Integration of it in your business website will allow you to become in touch with your consumers more effectively. You can follow the following steps

  1. Create a business tool that will consist of contact information and other relevant information with respect to your business.
  2. Whatsapp business is the type of instant messaging that will help customers to reach you more easily. A “quick reply” and “automated response” are a few of the beneficial topics of it.
  3. This process not only benefits you by connecting to the users easily but also small pieces of information such as messaging statistics that will be quite useful for your business.
  4. DMCA

Digital Millennium Copyrights Act commonly known as DMCA helps you to protect your creative works like photos, videos, articles or blogs present on the web to be plagiarized, in simple words copied.

The DMCA.com labels your website with a badge that hinders thieves to steal or copy your content. On rare occasions, in case they become successful in doing so, worry not, DMCA.com will “take down the content for you”. a handful of its numerous features are

  1. A DMCA badge on your website asserts that your content is protected and plagiarism could lead to legal actions.
  2. A Watermark on your website helps to protect your website from any kind of illegal utilization.
  3. com will search to find duplicate content and will take it down on the user’s behalf.
  4. Embedding Instagram Feeds

Instagram has been one indispensable part of human lives and ,promoting business through this platform is one of the most effective idea of all.

Presenting your business and related insights through Instagram will benefit you by increased popularity and help ypu to reach wider range of target consumers.

Final thoughts

In the era of technological advancement and internet, web design has risen to its peak demand due to the reluctance to have an online presence. Although there are countless websites on the web, handful of them can satisfy visitor minds with a scenic and sublime web interface.

Many free web designing tools are present in the market which will guide you to transform your website from a common one to an exquisite one.

If you’re a business person, web developer, public figure or a commoner, appraisal for having a top-notch website will boost your impression at both user and visitor level.

Besides, it also will increase the amount of organic traffic to your website that is very essential in the context of online business.

9 Free Tools to Make Website More Effective
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9 Free Tools to Make Website More Effective
There are many ways to make a website effective. Here in this article you will get 9 Free Tools to Make Website More Effective.
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