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Is Ytmp3 Safe

Are you looking for the best YouTube to MP3 and MP4 converter? Well, it seems like it is your lucky day and you are in the right place.

We have a popular tool for converting your favorite music videos online. So without wasting much time, let’s get straight to the point.

The answer is video converter.

YouTube: In and out

Everything is out there on the YouTube today. And when it comes to music videos, it is filled with millions of those on thousands of genre.

Some calm your senses, some other make you happy, some bring nostalgia and some help you work out. All in all, YouTube is home to music for all moods and seasons.

Let’s talk stats now.

In a recent survey conducted by Pexeso, it has been revealed that music videos cover only 4.3% of YouTube’s content.

But here’s the catch.

Roughly around 11% of the overall YouTube clicks happens because of these music videos – which is a big deal for such a small figure.

This can only mean one thing – popularity of music videos on YouTube is a wild craze among music lovers. Billions of views and likes on single video scream of this likelihood.

But, then again, YouTube is not free of drawbacks. Unlike music players, we cannot play YouTube on the background while using other features of the phone.

This is one of the major reason why people search for YouTube to MP3 and MP4 converter, so they can hum along with their favorite tunes on the background while multi-tasking on their phone.

So, as we come down to the YouTube to MP3 converter, there’s a lot that we have to discuss.

Therefore, stay with us.

We want that only good things should happen to you.

Therefore, keeping your best interest in mind, we bring you

It is one of the best, most popular and highly downloaded YouTube to MP3 and MP4 converter available online.

Want to dig deeper? Then, lets!

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What is happens to be a popular online YouTube to MP3 and MP4 converter that converts any music video within seconds.

It is absolutely free and you do not even have to install any software or fill any registration form on the website to use the converter.

What makes stand out from other similar converters available online is that the converted videos are compatible on all major platforms like Android, iOS and you can play them on any music player.

The website gives unmatched high-quality output that every music lover die for.

You don’t even need to choose the quality, but still, you will end up with great new additions to your playlists every time.

However, amidst all good, there is a tiny little limitation though.

It does not convert videos that are more than two hours long. The reason being better conversion experience for users.

But then again, two hours is a long time for one music video and this should not be a problem.

How to use

When you load on your system for the first time, this is how it looks. It has a very clean user interface with no ads. But it is only for the first view. There will be ads visible later on.

Now let’s try converting the popular song ‘Sweet but Psycho’ today. Here we go.

  • Step 1: Open on your browser.

You can also go to directly by clicking on this link.

This is the website. As mentioned, it looks very clean, easy and has no ads.

  • Step 2. Paste the video URL in the box that appears on the page.

The best thing about is that the page is on point and very easy to understand. There are no useless elements that you can complain about. There is no stupid advice that you usually find on other video converting websites. Because, no one really cares about them, right?

Let’s not waste any more time. Click on Convert. (Yes! The blue button on the right).

  • Step 3: The conversion process has begun.

It won’t even take more than two seconds and you will have your video converted.

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  • Step 4: As your video is converted, the next step is to download it.

It’s simple.

Click on the download button.

Here’s another catch. As you hit download, you may be redirected to a new webpage with advertisements all over it.

This is adware (a malware program that displays advertising banners to steal sensitive data about the user).

If that happens, just close the new ad window.

Once you click on the download button it will automatically redirect you to a new window tab as shown in the image given below.

This is Ytmp3 Pop Up Redirect Virus

  • Step 5: The website also lets you download the converted mp3 file to your Dropbox account.

More often than not, is not designed to keep track of your Dropbox credentials. Also, you need to do is enter what is asked on the drop box pop-up and hit sign in. You will be redirected to (Yes! It is quite simple).

Then it will tell you that everything is taken care of and you can now proceed by sending the file.

All data on your Dropbox will remain unharmed, so you don’t have to worry about its safety.

Dropbox will only allow to upload the file to your account and block it from doing anything else. Also, authorization is allowed for a short period of time. Once it expires, you will have to redo the steps again.

All in all, looks perfect and should be ideal for your regular day to day converts.

Is safe to use?

Some say it is, others state it is not. A few websites even claim to be a potentially unwanted program (PUP).

Newbie? Non-tech savvy? Not sure what a PUP is?

Well, Potentially Unwanted Program or PUP is a malware program that enters the computer without your permission and infects it.

It can steal your sensitive data and compromise your identity online. Examples include adware like ytmp3, crapware, spyware etc. PUP even installs suspicious browser extensions with malicious intent.

We have narrowed down a few reasons

Why ytmp3 converter is not considered safe by many.

  1. cc has been programmed in such a way that it can modify any version of Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10) without permission.
  2. It can even install and hijack the browser that you are presently working on. Some of vulnerable browsers include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera.
  3. It can also change the default settings of your home page. How do you know if it has happened to you? If you are redirected to a suspicious website while you are on, it means the damage has already been done and you are affected.
  4. cc can also disable your antivirus and block Firewall security. This will make your system a soft target for virus and other online threats.
  5. It can affect your privacy and safety in the most unusual manner. Whether online or offline, you will always be unsafe.
  6. Sometimes, it hacks into your system, connects it to a remote server and steals all your sensitive data like credit card number, password, bank account details, IP address, website history, username and URL searches.

How to find out if your PC is infected?

One of the visible signs that you have been attacked is you will be continuously redirected to suspicious looking domains.

Some of the reason why it happens to include the following (take notes, be aware).

  • When you accidentally open spam emails,
  • adult websites, downloaded movies, games,
  • pdf, fake software updates,
  • attachments, suspicious links, malicious ads,
  • file sharing network, pirated software, etc.

Is there a way out? Well turns out, there is.

Deleting from your system is possible. All you need is a malware removal tool for your PC and it will do all the trick for you.

How to secure your PC from attack?

You will need the best anti-malware tool that does all the cleaning for you.

It is a popular free malware scanner that offers a dedicated anti-malware engine. Just run a full system scan with MBMRT. It will look up for all suspicious threats and infections and quarantine them.

Download the anti-malware tool by clicking on this link. Next, install and run a full security scan on your computer. Rest assured! Your system will be free from all threats.


If we focus solely on the conversion aspect for once, is a very good YouTube to MP3 and MP4 converter compared to its competitors. Because most importantly it is fast. Hence, purposed achieved!

Then again, the pop-up ads take away a lot of its goodwill. Install it at your own risk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the best way to use ytmp3?

Answer: Open and paste the YouTube URL link you want to convert to mp3. Click on Convert and Download.

  1. How can I download ytmp3?

Answer: One of the major advantages of the ytmp3 converter is that you do not need to download it to have your music videos converted. You can work on it online. Go to the website without signing in, paste the YouTube URL link, click Convert and Download the converted file.

  1. Is ytmp3 a virus?

Answer: Sometimes, Ytmp3 is downloaded into your system via. promotional pop-ups and advertisement as part of a malicious adware campaign. Therefore, be aware!

  1. Is ytmp3 safe?

Answer: No, ytmp3 is not safe. The main reason being the ads running on the website. If it is already installed on your system and you wish to remove it.

  1. Is ytmp3 legal?

Answer: Yes, this YouTube to MP3 and MP4 converter is 100% legal. You may give it a shot if you do not mind taking the risk that may come along.

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