10 Best and Free Offline Shooting Games for Android Users [2019 List]

best offline shooting games for android 2019

Many times due to poor connectivity, we become frustrated mostly at the time of surfing or searching for any information on the internet, playing online games, listening to online music and lots more. Right?

Well, now you don’t need to worry about any connectivity issues keep aside your frustration level and enjoy all these Best Offline Shooting Games for Android.

As per an article on reddit the best and top 4 offline shooting games for android are Cover Fire, Into The Dead, Mad Bullets, Unkilled but still we have tried our best to take the list to 10 best offline shooting games.

Offline Shooting Games for Android

We are briefly listing down the most famous and best offline shooting games for Android for the year 2019.

  1. N.O.V.A Legacy

N.O.V.A Legacy

N.O.V.A Legacy – a first person shooter (FPS) gunfire game where you may challenge the colonial administration forces. The tournament rotates across the top-notch hit hero named as Kal Wardin who’s an experienced individual and is the private AI agent of N.O.V.A Marine and Yelena. Two of them have to get rid of alien attackers together. The game incorporates a powerful weapon, assault rifles, and plasma weapons. The game has a style by using the name Deathmatch in which up to 6 players can play. It has marine and alien skins to select from to create different looks.

It’s not over yet, the high a part of the game is that it’s compact and slightly takes up some MB of space.

Download and Install N.O.V.A Legacy
  1. Cover Fire

Cover Fire

Cover fire is probably the maximum high-grade game on Android amongst the list of top 10. This action-packed game with outstanding pictures should be your high preference if you are searching out shooting games that you can play offline. The game has a couple of characters to select from and a magnificent series of guns. The characters in the game are different, and each has a unique potential that may be used inside the different warfare situations that the game will throw at you.

As the player, you’ll be required to build techniques to win the war in opposition to enemy groups. You’ll lead a crew of brave men and controlling the actions of every soldier.

Download and Install Cover Fire

Just like it is always advised to keep your laptop drivers updated, it is advised to play games which has an offline feature as it also enhances your phone’s performance in some way.

  1. Mad Bullets

Mad Bullets

If you are searching out damage from the typical shooting games, you then have to try out Mad Bullets. A crazy and humorous shooter game, Mad bullets are your chance to stay the Wild Wild West life.

In comparison to the others in this list, the game is quite rapid paced. Your enemies would include, funny characters like robot cowboy, Ninjas, and piranhas. The game controls are easy to move around. So get set for motion with a laughter revolt. It might be the most quirky game on our list of first-class offline shooting games for Android in 2018. However, we do hope there are more to come like this one.

Download and Install Mad Bullets
  1. Sniper X With Jason Statham

Sniper X With Jason Statham

If you are a big dreamer of this action megastar, Jason Statham, then this is your chance to make your desires come true. Team up with the famous person on this offline taking pictures game to combat towards the evil forces and convey peace in the global. In this, you’re, Sniper X who works for a team of elite mercenaries known as the Spear!

The commander of spears is Jason Statham, who might be providing you with voice commands all at some stage in the game. The game has a ‘killcam’ which add a layer to feel like a sniper. Despite the rare photos, the game takes up much less than 100 MB area in your tool.

Download and Install Sniper X With Jason Statham
  1. Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Android Game

Heard of this adorable Suicide Squad shooting recreation? Play this fantastic game as your favorite anti-hero to defeat enemies who try to prevent you. You could be Harley Quinn with a baseball bat, Deadshot with the rifle or Diablo with fire. A first person shooter action game, you may need to cross around the town together with your squad locating out health packs, ammunition, and enhancements. If you need to look at your win once more, you can document HD photos while playing.

Download and Install Suicide Squad
  1. Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf Android Game

Our list of the quality offline capturing games for Android would be incomplete without this game. Lone Wolf is an action-packed sniper recreation with a neo-noir setup. The game has been strictly stated to be suitable for 17 years and above. With a detailed and gripping storyline, the game is difficult and puts you in situations where you now and then want to allow cross of your morals as well. A brutal sharpshooter game, Lone Wolf is genuinely no longer a sport for the faint-hearted.

Download and Install Lone Wolf
  1. Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper

One of the top shooting games available on Android, Hitman Sniper offers you the feelers of a professional sniper. You may be Agent 47 in this game, who is meant to take down enemies with a sniper rifle. You’ll be able to strategize your kills. The game has more than a hundred and fifty levels. Like a professional hitman, you’ll be given an agreement that you want to keep up. The game has sixteen specific sniper guns which you may collect as rewards as you complete the different levels.

Download and Install Hitman Sniper
  1. Shadowgun


Shadowgun is about a wicked bounty hunter; John Slade set in the year 2350, the final goal of John is to kill Dr. Edgar Simon, a psychotic boss with sharp thoughts. The villain here has a mutant army of his own which the protagonist has to face until he reveals the offender behind it all. The enemies army in the game consists of cyborgs, war droids, and mutant people.

You’ll get ships, advanced guns, and an android assistant by using the name S.A.R.A. Its miles a 3rd individual shooter (TPS) shooting game.

Download and Install Shadowgun Legends
  1. Into The Dead

Into The Dead

If you prefer zombie movies and stories, then Into The Dead is a superb game to download for your Android device.

The game is in contrast to the mainstream shooter games and has many FPS elements to it. The game is the world of a zombies apocalypse, and you have to defend yourself from being attacked by using the zombie’s hook or through the criminal.

The game has many effective guns, and you will have many challenging missions and mini goals as well. You can earn bonus after the victorious crowning glory of these problematic, demanding situations. An infinite runner game runs and gun down as many zombies as you can.

Download and Install Into The Dead
  1. Deus Ex: The Fall

Deus Ex The Fall

Deus Ex: The fall is an online action role-playing game evolved via N-Fusion Interactive under the supervision of Eidos Montréal. Square Enix published the game for iOS in 2013- A spin-off of the Deus Ex series.

Android and Windows versions launched in the year 2014. A time when science and generation have dramatically evolved. A story driven action-RPG game, Deus Ex is ready an augmented former British SAS Mercenary, who are caught in a global conspiracy. The game has fantastic graphics and an outstanding storyline.

Download and Install Deus Ex: The Fall

So, this was the list of our top 10 choices of first-class offline shooting games for Android.

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10 Best and Free Offline Shooting Games for Android Users [2019 List]
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10 Best and Free Offline Shooting Games for Android Users [2019 List]
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